Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible?

The TechChallenge is open to the public globally. We welcome any solutions that can help solve the Problem Statement(s) mentioned on this website.

What is the expected deliverable for proposal submission?

Please refer to the guideline in the Information Pack and submit your proposal along with the Application Form to info.TechChallenge@finnohub.org.

What is the expected deliverable for solution winners?

Solution winners will be invited to share a demo at the Hong Kong FinTech Festival from 2 - 6 November 2020, and to develop a prototype with expected delivery in mid-2021. For details, please refer to the guideline in the Information Pack.

Can I submit more than one proposal?

Only one submission per applicant will be accepted.

Can I answer to more than one problem statement?

We welcome more than one Problem Statement to be addressed in one submission application.

Do I need to travel to Hong Kong?

Currently we intend the TechChallenge to be conducted virtually at least during the rest of 2020, further details will be provided in case of any adjustments.

How do I enter TechChallenge as a participant?

Please refer to the Information Pack, which can be downloaded here.

Where do I submit my application?

Thank you for your interest! Submissions are now closed.

How do I obtain an Application Form?

The Application Form can be downloaded here.